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Darting in and out

8 June 2013

Complex browser applications have interested me for some time, one of my first jobs after completing university was to develop a WYSIWYG editor that rendered from XML. Following that I produced a vehicle tracking system that used google maps to show live and historic data.

Some of the issues that I’ve had with designing large, javascript driven applications are

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Sliding session expirations in ServiceStack

14 February 2013

At this time ServiceStack does not support sliding session expirations. It does, however, contain very simple to use authentication modules that support a variety of storage options. In an earlier project, before the authentication modules existed, we implemented our own authentication system, but for new projects it makes sense to use the ones provided since they require very little boilerplate code.

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Time for a REST - How ServiceStack solved our mono woes

11 March 2012

We were about to abandon our Linux based project due to performance problems and memory leaks with mono ASP.NET and then we discovered ServiceStack.

We’re a start-up company of two and prefer developing in Linux using open-source software and libraries. This is also cost effective for the business since we have fewer licences to purchase, both on our own machines and any systems we sell. Additionally, remote management through SSH is a major advantage.

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